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Andrews Community
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Alex Haughton, the radio station manager
Alex Haughton
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Jason Curtman
Jason Curtman
The Jason Curtman Show

"The Voice of Valleytown"

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Mountain Area

Andrews Community Radio Station

Welcome to the Andrews Community Radio Station. Andrews Community Radio (an internet radio station) is based in Andrews, a town located in the mountains of western North Carolina (aka WNC). Andrews Radio features Classic Oldies, local news and weather, special programming, community updates and information about our great little town in NC.

For those not sure where exactly Andrews, North Carolina is located, the town is in WNC close to where North Carolina, Georgia and Tenessee join. Some people know of Murphy, North Carolina which is approximately 15 miles west of Andrews. For those coming from the east, Asheville (the home of the Biltmore Estate) is approximately two hours east of Andrews. Use West I40 through Asheville to Exit 27 which is Hwy. 74 and 19. Follow 74 past Bryson City where the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad is located. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad supplies a beautiful trip through the area for those who want to explore how people depended on train service to supply the transportation for people and products before roadways edged them out.

As you continue through the Natahala Gorge, Andrews won't be much further. Speaking of Nantahala Gorge, there are numerous companies serving the whitewater rafters looking for rapids to conquer. The trips are early in spring, middle of summer and fall when the leaves change into various colors.

Another point of reference is a special section of U.S. Route 129 in Blount County, Tennessee. Based on a map, Route 129 is the only identification. For the people in the know, it is also known as the Tail Of The Dragon. The section is a two lane road reminiscent of how most of the mountain roads were before four lane freeways and interstates. For those unprepared to drive the Tail Of The Dragon, they feel like they have just tackled battling a fire-breathing Dragon! Now that you know where Andrews, North Carolina is, what is Andrews Radio.

Andrews Community Radio is a station run by an all-volunteer staff who generously donate their time with the primary objective of serving the community. More details about the staff can be viewed by clicking on Radio Station Staff. Lisa Russo had been acting as assistant station manager. She was also involved with the town of Robbinsville where she and her family lives. As her family responsibilities and involvement with the town increased, she was unable to maintain her commitment to Andrews Radio. We respect her decision and wish her the best but will miss her energy and ideas.

Even though we lost our assistant station manager we are fortunate to have added Jason Curtman who is based in New Mexico. He describes his show, "The Jason Curtman Show", as more than a hour spent listening to music of the 50's and 60's. Jason's goal is to prompt listeners to remember the lifestyle and fashion of that time. More information about Jason can be found on the Radio Station Staff page. Just like the oldies played on Andrews Radio, we continue on as things change.

As a community radio station our focus is to provide the residents of Andrews, North Carolina, people in the surrounding areas and visitors to our town with entertainment and community awareness. The term resident includes quite a few people who have real estate as a second home in this relaxing beautiful mountain locale. For those who prefer to visit for a short period of time, there are numerous cabin rentals and hotels in addition to restaurants. In contrast, people who call this area home find it necessary to spend time away from here. Andrews Community Radio supplies a means for them to remain aware of what is happening around here while they are not present.

Besides the Andrews Radio, the town of Andrews is fortunate to have the Andrews Journal as their newspaper which supplies information in a print version while the radio station supplies the audio version. Besides producing the newspaper, Andrews Journal is involved with Andrews Community Radio by way of supplying weekly audio summaries of stories covered by the newspaper.

In contrast to the focus of the newspaper to printing stories, local events and advertising, Andrews Radio has the means of playing music from the 60's, 70's and 80's 24 hours a day seven days a week. Besides the music, specialized programming (like the segments supplied by the Andrews Journal) which is mixed in throughout the day and night originates locally and conveys the colorful flavor of the Valley Town area .

This has been just a brief explanation of Andrews Community Radio. Ideas of how to make this radio station a better service are welcomed. We hope this has been helpful and hope, also, that our broadcasts and website will serve your needs over the coming years.


Alex Haughton

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Andrews Community

Radio Station

"The Voice Of Valleytown"

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